Hey What's this?

This is the municipal website for Doggieville, a town founded and built by Doctor Doggie (Civ Eng). Home to Harvey Hamster and Gaylord Gorilla.

So where is Doggieville?

That's a very good question. We lost it.

Who's Doggie?

Who indeed. Genius or fool? Messiah or Architect of our doom? Marmite or Jam? We can only say for sure that he is a slighty deformed stuffed toy, and we think he's supposed to be a beagle. The cigarettes give it away. Anyhoo, he's a fully qualified Civil Engineer, or so he tells us (his certificate looks suspiciously like a bus pass but we can't get close enough to be sure).

Why the site redesign?

The original was created back in 1998, and designed for the browsers of that day. And it looked like it

Where has the counter gone? I liked watching the numbers go around.

Take it on trust that we've had zillions of hits. The counter was never a good guide anyway - we got our actual stats from elsewhere. If you reeeeaaallly want one, why not draw one yourself with a permanent marker on the screen? It's easy!

What was the deal with the guestbook?

The last guestbook got spammed to buggery, which corrupted the datafiles sometime in December 05. Since we were re-designing we left it as it was. But now there's a new one, and all of the messages have been recovered from backup and converted. Despite it not working for a couple of months we still received the entries and have included the ones that weren't trying to sell viagra. Or should I say the one. Lets see how long this guest book lasts.

It doesn't work on my Browser

Are you using an up to date browser which has good CSS/CSS 2 support? If you're still on Netscape 4/ IE 4 or somesuch then it's about time you updated. There's no excuse, firefox and opera are free.

Nope my browser is up to date, and I'm still having trouble.

OK get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Be sure to tell us what type and version of Browser you are using and on which Operating System it's running.

I like some of your stuff, can I put it on my site?




I'll pay.

Ah well why didn't you say. Let's do lunch.

I've written something, will you put it on your site

You're welcome to submit your original work to us. If it makes us laugh we'll consider it for inclusion.

I am fascinated by copyrights, tell me about yours.

OK. All of the original works on this site are © Lunchtime. Lunchtime is Andrew Bennett and Neil Davies who can be contacted here

Since we claim copyright on our stuff, there are certain things that you can't do:

  • You cannot reproduce it in any form other than that in which it was published without the copyright holder's permission. So no nicking text or piccies and using them on your own site or in your own magazine without asking first.
  • You cannot use it for any commercial purposes whatsoever. If you want to do this, you'd better talk to our agents.
  • Pass off any copyrighted material as you own work.
  • Poke fun at Gaylord Gorilla, it puts him into a bit of a huff. Than he breaks your legs because he's hard.

Ah, so there are two of you, who does what?

Well Andy does most of the images and web design, and Neil does most of the writing, drinking and pointing at things. But there's a bit of crossover (not to be confused with cross dressing). We've also had contributions from other people from time to time, which should be credited appropriately

I recognise some of this stuff, you nicked it from Lunchtime Disk Mag!

That's us, dummy.

What's a Mookie?

This Am Mookie

You are really mean to people in Doctor Doggie's Consulting room.

It should be pretty clear that the problem's section isn't real, I'd like to think that people will pick up on the the subtle clues. Like the animation of Doggie playing with a bat and ball. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough, so for the hard of thinking there's now a warning on the submission form.


© Lunchtime