The Brave Incompetent Knights

The brave incompetent knights discuss their tactics for rescuing the fair maiden from the clutches of the hideously handsome Black Knight and his henchmen...

"We should attack from all sides." added Sir Round.

"Yes, let's go around them.", agreed Sir Cumference.

"I don't agree. We should just watch them.", replied Sir Veillance

"Absolutely", added Sir Tain.

"Cod potato fish nighttime bucket.", informed Sir Realism

"We shall overcome them whatever we do.", proclaimed Sir Mount.

"No, there are far too many of them.", said Sir Plus.

"We could take them by surprise.", hissed Sir Reptitious.

"I'll do whatever you say", announced Sir Vile.

"We'll dish out a bit of mayhem", said Sir Ving.

"Let's throw them in the river", suggested Sir Pentine.

"Why don't we just give up now?", asked Sir Render.

"I think that would be a bad idea.", said Sir Mise.

"What if it's all a terrible trap?", feared Sir Spishon.

"I'm not worried.", replied Sir Reen.

"I heard that the King is having it off with a moose.", said Sir Lachious.

"Does that mean stuff comes out of his body?" asked Sir Cretion.

"Maybe he's got the wind.", mused Sir Rocco.

"Who nose?", replied Sir Rano de Bergerac.

"Oh, the end of my dick's just dropped off!", cried Sir Cumcision, purely for effect.

"Well, it's sink or swim now", observed Sir Facetension.

"And in God we are Trussed." philosophised Sir Jickle-Support.

"I know, instead of rescuing the maiden, why don't we just get pissed?", asked Sir Rhosis of DeLiver.

"And we could go for a meal", added Sir Loin

"Just don't expect me to pay", said Sir Charge.

"We'll all have a whale of a time.", added Sir Tayshun.

"Yeh. And we'll have fun, fun, fun, till Daddy takes the T-Bird away" sang Sir Fin-Yewessay.

At which point the brave incompetent knights nipped off to the pub.

"That was close.", said Lady Shave.

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